You learn a few things when you spend over a decade in the trenches. Mostly good, some interesting, some tough.
But in the end, we've struck out on our own. What we’ve found is being small, rocks. No red tape. No playing telephone.
We talk to our clients every day. Actually, we have spent entire days shadowing them, seeing what they do.
It’s not a weird or special. In our minds, it just makes sense that great work comes from getting to know your clients.

Kelly Creative was dedicated to understanding my brand before starting. She learned what I wanted to keep and not keep moving forward, and she came up with 3 brand ideas. In the end, I have a product and brand image that I am really proud of, and I am getting compliments daily on how good the jar of fudge looks. It was a pleasure working together!
— Andi Wolfgang, CEO, NuFudge (previously NamaKiss)
Shoshanna took the time to understand our needs and helped us work through a major roadblock that allowed us to launch our site on time. She completely immersed herself in our brand and was able to take ideas from our initial meetings and craft them into a straight to the point message that resulted in an award winning website.
— Sam Giberson, Partner Tugboat

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